Cory Kuklick

cory_kuklickName: Cory Kuklick
Expertise: Technical and feature/journalistic writing, AP and Chicago style editing, user documentation, project management
Type of work I’m interested in: contract, freelance, full-time
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About me: I graduated from James Madison University in 2010 with a BS in journalism, and have bounced around various writing and editing fields throughout Virginia and East Africa ever since. I have always considered Harrisonburg to be home, and it’s where I began my technical writing career as an editorial assistant with the Center for International Stabilization and Recovery. Following graduation I worked for a year as a technical writer for an IT management company before getting the travel itch many 20-somethings get, and I decided to volunteer in Uganda for four months as an English teacher and soccer coach. I also started an online magazine, Instances of Hope, that creates awareness toward the refugee issue in the country and garners direct donations to keep at risk-children in school.

I worked on a contract basis as a technical writer for Rosetta Stone following my return to the United States, where I wordsmithed UI text, helped leverage single-sourcing capabilities for user documentation, and wrote numerous internal documentation pieces for legacy content. At the end of my contract I returned to Uganda, working as a writer and editor at the Refugee Law Project for six months.

I currently work as a project manager in northern Virginia but would like to return back “home” to Harrisonburg in a writing and editing capacity. I’m happy writing, I’m happy in the Valley, and I hope to work with you soon to continue pushing the wonderful community forward.

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K.A. (Kim) Reedy

k.a.reedy-author-blackandwhiteName: K.A. (Kim) Reedy
Expertise: author, blogger, content designer/writer, editor, grant writer, technical writer, and travel writer
Type of work I’m interested in: contract, freelance, full-time, part-time

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About me: I moved to Harrisonburg from the Seattle area in 2008 to work at Rosetta Stone as a content writer/designer and technical writer.

I love connecting with audiences through meaningful content, so in 2013 I launched Text Tailor, LLC, offering services as an author, blogger, content designer/writer, editor, grant writer, technical writer, and travel writer.

I’m fulfilling my true métier through Being, Unraveled, an introspective website/blog about learning to be honest with myself. I’m also the author of the forthcoming children’s book, There is a Tree, which originally appeared as an introspective narrative in Chicken Soup for the Soul: All in the Family. As an entrepreneur and content designer, I’m a co-creator of this website, Your Town, Our Town, which showcases Rosetta Stone professionals available for contract, freelance, part-time, or full-time projects.

  • Highly effective in both independent and collaborative environments
  • Basic familiarity with Russian, French, Thai, and Italian

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