Everette Clemmer

everette_clemmerName: Everette Clemmer
Expertise: software design and development; web design and development; desktop and laptop support, troubleshooting and repair; network support and troubleshooting, automated build systems, software installer development
Type of work I’m interested in: small contract, freelance
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About me: I’m a fifteen year veteran in Information Technology and have worked in everything from PC repair to software development. I specialize in website and client side application development, but I also do a significant amount of IT support in the forms of PC repair, wired and wireless network troubleshooting, and mobile device support (iPod/Phone/Pad, Android phones and tablets, windows phone).

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Andy Harbick

andy_harbickName: Andy Harbick
Expertise: Product creation and development (product vision, feature creation and prioritization, business modeling), recruiting and leading high caliber teams (finding people, interviewing, making hiring decisions, setting vision and inspiring results), people development and mentoring (leading by example, challenging, coaching, and developing people to achieve even more), software development (server/backend as well as front-end, ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, C/C++), “cloud” and system architecture (AWS, deployment, continuous integration, monitoring and reporting, scalability and failover), data science (“big data” platforms, data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, personalization)
Type of work I’m interested in: contract, freelance, full-time, part-time
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About me: I’m a seasoned veteran of some big names in software and technology today (and some not so big names). I’m a leader and a builder and wouldn’t feel like I had the right role if I wasn’t able to contribute to the work of my team. I’m insatiably curious and won’t be happy unless I’m learning something new (from gardening, to watercolor painting, to brewing new kinds of beer, to open source hardware, to shearing alpacas, to Wendell Berry essays, to starting a business). I’m deeply loyal to my teams and the organizations I serve in; as such I seek ways to surround myself with smart, creative, fascinating and challenging people. I crave meaning and purpose in my work; don’t just offer me a financial opportunity show me a way I get to change the world (even if it’s in my small part of it) give me a way to pour my heart as well as my sweat into something. I’m tenacious and hard working; when I’ve found problems that engage me I commit at 110% finding less interest in even basic necessities like food and sleep (at least for a season). I’m passionate but low-stress, idealistic but pragmatic, serious but fun to be around. And I’m currently bushwhacking a path forward to the next step in my career.

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Zac Nafziger

Zac Nafziger on Your Town Our TownName: Zac Nafziger
Expertise: Visual Media Production, Post-Production, Photo Editing & Organization, Writing, Fine Art
Type of work I’m interested in: contract, freelance, full-time, part-time
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About me: Employed with Rosetta Stone for 12+ years, I was originally hired as the lone photographer and eventually transitioned into Post-Production Lead as the demand & rate of production grew with the company, eventually working with an extremely talented team of Visual Specialists to create their newest language products. Every photo in every product in every language went through me. At the same time, i was moonlighting as a stained glass artist with over 20 years experience. That was my true love, so that’s what i do now. i create custom, original, one-of-kind fine art glass windows for homes, businesses, collectors, & art galleries everywhere. You can find me & my working studio and gallery in the Studios at Larkin Arts on Court Square in Downtown Harrisonburg every day….

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Paul Heitsch

Paul Heitsch on Your Town Our TownName: Paul Heitsch
Expertise: Audio production, including music, sound design, and voiceover, recording, mixing, editing, and mastering, Project Management, Digital Asset Management, Recruiting, Casting, eLearning design and development
Type of work I’m interested in: contract, freelance, full-time, part-time
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About me: I have over two decades of experience producing award-winning music, sound design, and voice-over. I am also an experienced management professional with a track record of success completing large complex projects on time and under budget. I have recruited and managed teams of internal staff and outside contractors, and administered budgets exceeding $1.4 million annually. I also play a pretty smokin’ piano.

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Dave Nealon

dave_nealonName: Dave Nealon
Expertise: content development, user experience, technical writing, user interface, user assistance, internationalization and localization, curriculum development, training. I specialize in advanced preparation for consistent growth.
Type of work I’m interested in: full-time or contract work in content development or managing development programs.
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About me: An experienced content developer with an emphasis on educational software, I make complex systems feel simple and intuitive for learners. I help cross-functional teams find efficiencies so they can spend less and produce more. I’m a capable localization project manager. I read German, and I’m trained in publishing issues for 10 languages. I’m comfortable in XML, HTML, and CSS, as well as image-editing and web-authoring tools.

I have a background in teaching and training, and I’ve managed teams in educational organizations.

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Marion Bittinger

marion bittinger on your town our townName: Marion Bittinger
Expertise: linguistics, Spanish, translation, localization, reviewing, editing, writing, endangered languages, indigenous issues, technical communications, nonprofit management, publications management, project management, language education
Type of work I’m interested in: contract, freelance, full-time, part-time
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About me: 10+ years experience in program management, project management, language acquisition. 10+ years teaching Spanish and translation studies at the university level. Certification in nonprofit management, with a special interest in helping to make the world a better place. I love working on a team, and making a team work. I’m a self-motivated, multi-tasker, with exceptional attention to detail.

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Susan Arritt

susan_arritt_3Name: Susan Arritt
Expertise: editing, writing, proofreading, publication management, academic/peer-reviewed publications, content development, project management, editorial research, and communications education
Type of work I’m interested in: contract, freelance, full-time, part-time
Find me online: LinkedIn

About me: Award-winning editor, writer, and publication manager for corporate, academic, nonprofit, and government clients around the globe.

  • Author and editor of books, journal and magazine articles, technical and scholarly reports, website content, marketing collateral, white papers, case studies, newsletters, press releases, guides and manuals, and multimedia educational materials
  • Editorial expertise: developmental editing, substantive editing, copy editing, proofreading, and editorial research
  • Writing expertise: technical, academic, scientific, creative, and marketing
  • Publication management expertise: preproduction vision and leadership; supervision of graphic designers, photography teams, and freelance writers; and collaboration with editorial boards, peer-reviewers, and authors
  • Publications in a wide range of subjects, including natural sciences, public policy, environmental conservation, international relations, endangered species, climate change, technology, education, social and economic development in emerging nations, and language learning
  • Bachelor of Science in biology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; graduate coursework in education and linguistics at Hawaii Pacific University

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