Andy Harbick

andy_harbickName: Andy Harbick
Expertise: Product creation and development (product vision, feature creation and prioritization, business modeling), recruiting and leading high caliber teams (finding people, interviewing, making hiring decisions, setting vision and inspiring results), people development and mentoring (leading by example, challenging, coaching, and developing people to achieve even more), software development (server/backend as well as front-end, ruby, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, C/C++), “cloud” and system architecture (AWS, deployment, continuous integration, monitoring and reporting, scalability and failover), data science (“big data” platforms, data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, personalization)
Type of work I’m interested in: contract, freelance, full-time, part-time
Find me online: LinkedIn, Random blog thoughts

About me: I’m a seasoned veteran of some big names in software and technology today (and some not so big names). I’m a leader and a builder and wouldn’t feel like I had the right role if I wasn’t able to contribute to the work of my team. I’m insatiably curious and won’t be happy unless I’m learning something new (from gardening, to watercolor painting, to brewing new kinds of beer, to open source hardware, to shearing alpacas, to Wendell Berry essays, to starting a business). I’m deeply loyal to my teams and the organizations I serve in; as such I seek ways to surround myself with smart, creative, fascinating and challenging people. I crave meaning and purpose in my work; don’t just offer me a financial opportunity show me a way I get to change the world (even if it’s in my small part of it) give me a way to pour my heart as well as my sweat into something. I’m tenacious and hard working; when I’ve found problems that engage me I commit at 110% finding less interest in even basic necessities like food and sleep (at least for a season). I’m passionate but low-stress, idealistic but pragmatic, serious but fun to be around. And I’m currently bushwhacking a path forward to the next step in my career.

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